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Summer Camp 2021 is back!  

After an extremely difficult year, it's time for our kids to get out the house and have some summertime fun.  With NYC steadily opening with each passing month, the confidence of our parents and participants are of utmost importance to us and we are committed to offering a fun, but more importantly, safe summertime experience for kids ages 5 through 13.  

We have implemented critical changes to our summer program this year in efforts of ensuring the safety of our staff and all participants which is outlined below.




We boast some of the most awesome summer camp trips sure to keep smiles on your kids faces.

Lake Compounce 

Friday, July 16th

This family sized theme park has thrills suitable for children of all ages.

Club Getaway

Friday, July 23rd

Campers will enjoy the unique blend of sports, adventure, and fun in the Berkshire Mountains of Kent, CT. Activities include soccer, basketball, zip lining and more!! Admission onto the camp grounds, charter bus transportation, and a full unlimited lunch 

buffet is included.

Six Flags Great Adventure

Friday, J​uly 30th

Six Flags Great Adventure is one of the largest Six Flags theme parks in the country located in Jackson, NJ. From major thrill rides to low impact rides and attractions, Six Flags Great Adventure has rides and attractions for kids of all ages.

Lake Compounce

Friday, August 6

So nice, we have to do it twice!!

This family sized theme park has thrills suitable for children of all ages.

Dorney Park

Friday, August 13th

This premier theme park in Allentown, Pennsylvania. has an awesome stockpile rides suitable for kids of all ages.

We gladly use J&R Tours for our transportation needs to our trip destinations!


What are the dates and hours of operation?

We offer a 6-week program operating between the dates of the program are from Monday, July 12th through Friday, August 20th.  The daily hours of operation are from 9am to 4pm.  Participants may be dropped off or arrive as early as 8:30am and must be picked up no later than 4:30pm so that proper sanitation may commence.  

Do I need to enroll my child for the whole 6 weeks?

No.  You may enroll your child for as few as 1 week up to 6 weeks.  Furthermore, the weeks do not need to be concurrent and may be staggered.  

What are the age ranges of participants?

We accept children between the ages of 5 and 13.

How many participants are we accepting on a weekly basis?

We have reduced our weekly capacity 40% and will only be accepting a maximum of 25 children each week.

Do we provide lunch and snacks?

Lunch must be "brown bagged" and brought from home.  We have a refrigerator and microwave on site for any food requiring refrigeration and warming.  Daily snacks (chips, water, juice boxes) are provided.

What activities are planned for the children?

Whenever possible, games and activities will be held outdoors and include team sports, outdoor arts and crafts, and other engaging games for the children.  Our indoor activities will be super engaging as well as we have upgraded all of our video game systems on site.  

What should participants wear?

All participants should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing along with sneakers. Sandals and flip flops will not be suitable for all activities. And don't forget about a face covering!  Summer Camp T-Shirts are mandatory for all participants going on trips. 

Will the children be taken on trips?

One of the highlights of our camp has always been our amazing trip itinerary.  This summer we will will be taking the children to the following locations: Six Flags Great Adventure, Dorney Park, Lake Compounce, and Club Getaway.  We have decided at this time to exclude the water park sections of the above parks as well as the other water parks we have visited in past years.  This decision was made with the safety of our participants in mind as masks are not permitted while engaging in water park attractions.  

How will the children be transported to our trip destinations?

Despite limited capacity, we will continue to charter the 54 passenger coach with bathroom from J&R Tours ensuring each child has their own seat and can remain socially distanced.

What is the child to counselor ratio?

Our ratio child to counselor ratio is 1:3

What other safety protocols will be taken to ensure safety of staff and all participants?

Staff:  All staff will be Covid tested on a weekly basis to ensure the safety of their fellow workers and participants of the program.  Staff will also be mandated to wear masks throughout the day and will remain distanced from participants whenever possible.  

Participants:  All participants of the program will be required to have a negative Covid test no more than two days prior to the week participant is enrolled in.  Participants will be mandated to wear masks throughout the day and will be supervised and reminded consistently to remain as socially distant as possible when feasible.  

Facility:  We have invested in high-end commercial grade air purifiers for both our upper and lower levels that run throughout the day weeding out any airborne contaminants, including Covid-19.  Our facility is deeply steam cleaned and sanitized daily as well as a partial sanitation of our bathroom and high touch areas midway through the day.  Multiple hand sanitizing stations have been scattered throughout the facility on both the upper and lower levels.  

I paid money towards Summer Camp 2020 but my child didn't attend.  May I use that credit towards Summer Camp 2021?

Any deposits or monies paid towards 2020 Summer Camp may either be refunded or credited towards the Summer Camp 2021. Deposits or monies paid may also be credited towards our Kung-Fu program or upcoming After School Program in the Fall.  

What does the weekly tuition charges cover?

The weekly tuition charges cover all activities, daily snacks, trips, and transportation to trip destinations.  


NOTE: Online registrations require payment IN FULL for the week.

Please contact us to make a payment towards deposit or partial payment.